For two decades, we’ve been dedicated to the art of printing – delivering hundreds of thousands of high-quality shirts to US bases in Japan. With over 22 years of experience at Yokota Air Base, our founder, Yoshi Sawada, is proud to contribute to the enduring friendship between the United States and Japan by offering unique shirts and exceptional services at reasonable prices. The warm reception and appreciation we’ve received from our military customers have been an incredible honor for us. 


While we’re known for our shirts, we can create a variety of other products, including caps, flags, cups, drink holders, Japanese fans, and more. If we can’t produce them in-house, we’ll connect you with other trusted vendors to ensure you get quality products at affordable prices.


We take pride in our work and are committed to offering exceptional services to support your mission’s success. Trust us to deliver on our promise.

At Samurai T-shirts, we offer an extensive selection of clothing and products to cater to your needs. Our range includes:

Cotton and Dry-fit T-Shirts

Long-Sleeve Shirts




Additionally, we provide an array of other products, such as cups, flags, drink holders, Japanese fans, and more. If you don’t find a specific item on our list, we’ll leverage our network in Japan to find the best vendor and deliver the product to you at reasonable prices. Your satisfaction is our priority. 

There’s no extra design fee, it’s already included in the total price. Example: If your project costs 910 yen (about $6) per shirt, that’s it! It already includes the design. 

We offer the best prices and a variety of options to meet your requirements. 

We have staff members fluent in English, ensuring smooth communication for international orders. 

Count on us for a quick turnaround. 

Enjoy included shipping to all USFJ bases (excluding Okinawa) with shirts delivered directly to your home or office by Yamato Transport (Black Cat). 

Our Japan location ensures frustration-free communication with phone support during daytime hours. 

We’ll send an electronic invoice to your email, allowing you to easily input your credit card information for payment. 

Embrace the “best prices, high quality, and flexible services” motto with Samurai T-shirts Inc. 

Explore our wide range of services and let us know what you need. Your satisfaction is our commitment. 

Example A

  • Quantity: 100 shirts
  • Printing: Front and back silkscreen, 1 color print
  • Shirt Type: Dry-fit
  • Price per Shirt: 910 yen (about $6) per shirt (yen rate: $1 = 150 yen) 
  • Total Price: 85,000 yen (about $606) 
  • Inclusions: Japanese 10% tax, design fee, and freight fee to USFJ bases; no extra fees 

Example B

  • Quantity: 50 shirts
  • Printing: Front silkscreen, 1 color print, and back DTF full-color print
  • Shirt Type: Cotton T-shirts
  • Price per Shirt: 2,050 yen (about $13.75) per shirt
  • Total Price: 102,500 yen (about $680)
  • Inclusions: Japanese 10% tax, design fee, and freight fee to USFJ bases; no extra fees

Example C

  • Quantity: 20 shirts
  • Printing: Front embroidery
  • Shirt Type: Dry-fit polo
  • Price per Shirt: 2,450 yen (about $16) per shirt
  • Total Price: 49,000 yen (about $326)
  • Inclusions: Japanese 10% tax, design fee, and freight fee to USFJ bases; no extra fees

Mr. Tamura, CEO

Mr. Sawada has been a fantastic supporter for my business! They’re highly responsive to all my requests, quick, and provide really friendly service. Plus, their prices are reasonable compared to other T-shirt makers. A big thanks, and looking forward to working with Samurai T-shirts again soon!

Michael Brandt

Mr Sawada owner of Samurai T-shirts provides excellent service with a top notch quality product. His expertise and ability to deliver a perfect product is astounding. He has worked with me to receive payment and deliver my T’s internationally.
His ethics are beyond reproach and I highly recommend him.

Ramos Ohana

Highly Recommended! Finding high quality and comfortable t-shirts can be a journey. There are so many options to choose from, but we have found Samurai T-Shirts to be reliable, honest, operates with integrity, and provides excellent customer service. Our Ohana (family) absolutely adore the trendy styles, super comfortable, great fit, and love the way it washes. Pricing is fair and transparent – Definitely value for your money. Try them and you will not regret it! 


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    Address: 4-5-5 Nogamicho, Ome, Tokyo 198-0032
    (about 15 minutes away from Yokota AB)
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